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Reports & Data

​Reports & Data

There are many ways to measure success. In Albemarle County Public Schools, we measure success one child at a time. Our goal is to ensure that every graduate of our schools has discovered his or her strengths and passions; is prepared for college, the workforce or military; and has a plan to launch the next chapter of his or her life. Our students must be prepared to participate in a global community, to compete in a global economy, to engage as productive citizens of our democracy, and to continue to learn throughout their lives.

In addition to our individual student benchmarks, the Virginia Department of Education, the United States Department of Education, and private organizations such as the College Board, have developed accountability measures to determine the success of each school and school division against standardized benchmarks.

Listed below are links to a variety of internal and external accountability measures in place to ensure we are preparing all learners to succeed. Visit the Department of Accountability, Research and Technology's Assessment site for additional information and Assessments, Reports, and Data​​.

State of the School Division

While the Virginia Standards of Learning and the federal No Child Left Behind Act legislation standards must be met, ACPS aims to reach beyond these standards. The State of the Division Report highlights significant successes and challenges the Division faced in the previous year.

Balanced Scorecard

As part of our Strategic Planning process, the School Division uses a Balanced Scorecard reporting mechanism, which makes data on process improvements and the implementation of key Division priorities visible to the public on a quarterly basis. School Division leadership, Board members, and the community can monitor key performance metrics throughout a school year, rather than waiting for end-of-year results or an annual report.

School Report Card

The Virginia Department of Education issues annual report cards for schools, school divisions, and the commonwealth, providing information about student achievement, accountability ratings, attendance, program completion, school safety, teacher quality, and other topics.

View the Albemarle County School Division Report Card or the Report Card for any of our 26 schools.

School Fact Sheets

From our Resources for Realtors page, view a two-page School Fact Sheet, including demographic and achievement data and school history, for each of our 26 schools.

Accreditation & Adequate Yearly Progress Reports

View the Accreditation and Adequate Yearly Progress Summary Reports, as published by the Virginia Department of Education.

Helpful Resources:

Graduation, Completion & Dropout Data

View annual Graduation, Completion and Dropout Data for Virginia school divisions.

Learn more about Calculating Virginia's On-Time Graduation Rate.

Virginia Index of Performance Incentive Program

The Virginia Index of Performance incentive program recognizes schools and school divisions that meet or exceed minimum state and federal accountability standards for at least two consecutive years.

Enrollment and Demographics

View Enrollment and Demographic Reports, including:

  • Fall Membership
  • Virginia Triennial School Census
  • Special Education Child Count
  • Home Schooled Students & Religious Exemptions

School Climate Reports

View School Climate Reports, including:

  • Discipline, Crime & Violence
  • Safe Schools Information Resource
  • Student Truancy

SAT Scores

View the Virginia Department of Education's September 13, 2010 press release, Virginia Students Outperform Peers Nationwide on SAT & Increase Achievement in Critical Reading, Mathematics & Writing.

Human Resources Annual Report

The Human Resources Annual Report contains information on the School Division’s workforce as well as highlights of the HR Department’s initiatives and accomplishments. Key information includes data related to recruitment, retention, minority staffing, retirement, exit survey feedback, compensation, and benefits.

For more information, visit the Virginia Department of Education website.​​​​​

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