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High School 2022: An Overview

What is High School 2022?

High School 2022 is a focused, four-year effort to guarantee meaningful and relevant high school experiences that best serve the needs and engage the interests of every student. An extension of innovative programs developed by our teachers and embraced by our students, High School 2022 empowers students to identify, develop and pursue their interests.

Why change?

Across the nation, high schools still operate in many of the same ways they did nearly a century ago. A national conversation has emerged about whether the current high school model truly prepares students for the demands of the future that awaits them.

In 2016, the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill called “Profile of a Virginia Graduate” that directs high schools to emphasize the overlap of academic content knowledge with workplace skills, career exploration, and community engagement. Albemarle County Public Schools has been working toward this goal since 2003.

Through High School 2022, we aim to expand and ensure access to opportunities that will enrich not only our students’ education, but their lives. Rather than causing our students to adapt to existing high school structures, we aspire for our programming to respond to the unique needs of each individual student. Our goal is to optimize choice for all students, and ultimately, to afford them the highest potential for success after high school.

How will high school be different?

Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, incoming 9th graders will participate in:

  • FRESHMAN SEMINAR: an advisory period focused on meeting the social-emotional and career development needs of students

In and beyond their freshman year, students will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY CLASSES: co-taught courses combining multiple subject areas
  • DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS: an archive of student work that showcases growth and achievement
  • COLLEGE AND WORKFORCE READINESS ASSESSMENT (CWRA+): a highly valuable test to assess critical thinking skills
  • COURSEWORK DESIGN: similar to an independent study wherein students, with guidance from advisors, customize a learning experience for credit
  • COMMUNITY-BASED LEARNING: internship, mentorship, job shadowing, or other experience related to a student’s career goals or interests and facilitated by partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • CULMINATING EXPERIENCE: capstone project or other academic, intellectual, investigative, and interdisciplinary experience that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, skills development, and goal setting

Sample 9th Grade Schedule

​1 ​Math ​Elective
​2 ​Interdisciplinary English / Social Studies ​
​3 ​Freshman Seminar
​Physical Education
​4 ​World Language ​Science

Operating Principles

  • Ensure equitable access and opportunity for all students.
  • Use fair and equitable grading practices.
  • Implement flexible scheduling to support student-centered learning.
  • Encourage students to explore their interests and passions for course credit.


  • Qualitative student voice surveys
  • School climate surveys
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • CWRA+ to evaluate critical thinking skills
  • Number of student-designed courses
  • Culminating senior experiences

Albemarle County Profile of a Graduate

Albemarle County graduates will be:

  • RESPONSIBLE SELF-ADVOCATES who demonstrate ownership and engagement of their future.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS AND COLLABORATORS who can work well with a diverse community.
  • ACADEMICALLY ACCOMPLISHED as demonstrated through a well-rounded instructional program inside and outside of “core” academics.
  • RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS who value and build connections with diverse communities.
  • CRITICAL THINKERS who demonstrate an ability to analyze, assess and reconstruct issues related to any subject, content or problem.
  • CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS who have experience solving authentic, community-based problems.

Connection to Our Strategic Plan

Albemarle County Public Schools' strategic plan, Horizon 2020, is centered on one overarching, student-centered goal:

All Albemarle County Public Schools students will graduate having actively mastered the lifelong-learning skills they need to succeed as 21st-century learners, workers and citizens.

To achieve this goal, the School Board has outlined five strategic objectives:

  • Engage Every Student
  • Implement Balanced Assessments
  • Improve Opportunity and Achievement
  • Create and Expand Partnerships
  • Optimize Resources

These strategic objectives are at the heart of the High School 2022 initiative. Ultimately, we hope to provide more authentic, real-world learning opportunities to students while expanding our community partnerships; optimizing the use of our current physical facilities; and preparing our students to be productive, sought-after members of both the higher education community and the workforce upon leaving our schools.

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