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Q & A

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Are there other systems that are doing similar work, and what have we learned from them?

There are many examples of programs throughout the nation that have similar goals to HS2022. While we are developing a program that we feel will support the unique needs of ACPS students, there are several other districts and programs that have helped to shape our thinking. Examples include such schools/programs as Iowa Big, CodeRVA, and High Tech High.

What graduation requirements does Freshman Seminar fulfill?

The Freshman seminar course will fulfill one of the general elective requirements that students have for graduation. Students who enter ACPS high schools after the ninth grade will be assigned to an advisor, but will not need to retroactively fulfill this requirement.

Will the county be reconsidering the homework guidelines when planning for HS2022?

The division revised our homework policy, Policy IKB, in 2016. The policy outlines the purpose of homework assignments and makes recommendations for they type and amount of homework that students should be completing. If you feel the type or amount of homework that your child is completing is not in line with the policy, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or school principal with your concerns.

Are there districts where Advanced Placement (AP) offerings have been reduced? How has this impacted college admissions?

ACPS has discovered several instances of reduction or elimination of AP programs in high schools, particularly in many well-known private schools. During the course of our study of HS2022, we have been in contact with college admissions personnel, who generally are in support of students taking fewer AP classes, and who have indicated that this will not negatively impact a student’s admission.

How will you get feedback on the new program?

One of the tools we will use to measure our success is the College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+). The CWRA+ is a performance-based assessment for learning, assessing and measuring growth of students’ critical-thinking, problem-solving, data-literacy, and written-communication skills. Specifically, the CWRA+ assesses analysis and problem solving, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical reading and evaluation, and critiquing an argument. All incoming freshman in the 2018-2019 school year, and each subsequent class, will participate in this assessment and will take it for a second time in eleventh grade. Results from the CWRA+ will provide us with a key division metric to help gauge the impact of the HS2022 program.

In addition to the CWRA+, we plan to seek feedback from multiple stakeholder groups throughout the year using such tools as online surveys. Results of surveys will be published on the HS2022 webpage.

How will HS2022 impact students who are interested in pursuing careers in the arts?

A major goal of HS2022 is to allow students to identify, develop and pursue their personal interests during high school. Students who are interested in pursuing the arts will continue to have robust course offerings in these areas, and we hope that students themselves can help to develop authentic opportunities to use their artistic talents to earn course credits.

Will AVID students be required to participate in Freshman Seminar?

All ninth grade AVID students in the 2018-2019 school year will be grouped together in their Freshman Seminar courses. This course will serve as both their AVID elective and their Freshman Seminar course.

When will more information about the Freshman Seminar be made available?

We currently have a team of teachers from each of our high schools working together to build the Freshman Seminar curriculum. As their work progresses, updates will be posted to the HS2022 website.

What impact will Freshman Seminar have on students in the Environmental Studies Academy who only have room for one elective?

Freshman Seminar will account for one of the eight classes a student takes during his or her ninth-grade year. Course requirements for specialty programs at our high schools are developed at each school. Please contact center directors, school counselors, or building principals for specific information about those requirements.

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