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Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Screening

Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Screening

We believe, even at the earliest ages, students are learning and acquiring new skills. We have developed a robust assessment model for the elementary years that targets skill development and formative learning.

Percent above/on Grade Level  

Based on a variety of formative and diagnostic assessments, students are designated as being Above Grade Level, On Grade Level, or Below Grade Level in reading and mathematics. These determinations are made by teachers using a panoply of data available to them and reflect their expertise as elementary educators. 

At the end of the 2014-2015 academic year 77% of kindergartners were reading on grade level and 91% were working on grade level in mathematics. These percentages improved over the elementary grades reaching 82% and 95% on grade level in reading and math, respectively.

Our firm commitment to reaching all children and teaching them the foundational skills in reading and math is evidenced by their performance on the formative assessments given in elementary grades. 

Formative data is an important component of our balanced assessment model as it provides in-time data about what students have mastered and what they are still struggling with.

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