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Standards of Learning (SOLs)

Standards of Learning (SOLs)

We believe all students should be able to demonstrate their mastery of the state-level curriculum on the standards of learning exams. These benchmark assessments help us evaluate how well we are designing curriculum and delivering instruction to meet students' educational needs.

Over the past four years the standards of learning assessments have undergone substantial revisions to make them more challenging and incorporate technology enhanced items. Initially, these changes precipitated a decline in pass rates across the various subjects. As a result we made adjustments to the curriculum and focused instructional practices to better ensure student preparedness.

In the years since the changes we have seen scores trending upward; back to where they were before the changes. We have also seen the type of work students are doing in classrooms change to better reflect a technology enabled and problem based learning world.

These assessments are intended to measure how well students were taught their grade-level and course-specific content. These assessments do not, however, measure the full breadth of the learning experience we provide, which is why we have designed our balanced assessment model to reflect the myriad ways students learn and demonstrate mastery.


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