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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

We believe all students have the talent, ability, and interest to be successful; however some students may face more challenging paths to success. AVID is a program designed to identify and support students who may not have appropriate strategies for navigating school, who may struggle to stay motivated, or whose parents may not have attended colllege.

graph - AVID Participation, 2009-2015 

In 2015, the first full-program AVID class graduated from Albemarle High School. These students started the AVID program in 7th grade at Jack Jouett Middle School in the fall of 2009. This AVID group had 16 graduates and all 16 will go on to pursue higher education. One of the AVID students in this class won the nationally prestigious Emily Couric Scholarship.

AVID Class 

Members of the 2015 AVID graduating class will attend the following schools in the fall of 2015: University of Virginia, Longwood University, Liberty University, Old Dominion University, Mary Washington University, Roanoke College, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, DePaul University, Christopher Newport University, and more.

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