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On-Time Graduation

On-time Graduation

We believe the culmination of a good education is recognized through on-time graduation from high school. Albemarle County students have an on-time graduation rate higher than the state as a whole, with nearly every student graduating on time.

As a Division, Albemarle County graduated nearly 95% of students on time in the 2013-14 academic year. That is an increase of over 7 percentage points from the 2007-08 academic year and is 5 percentage points better than the state.

Individually our high schools graduate well over 90% of their students on time. The combined efforts of teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff help make every child able to graduate on time.

Graduating students leave our school prepared to be lifelong-learners, with skills and experiences that will carry them through college, careers, and civic duty. Our students will become the teachers, entrepreneurs, problems solvers, thinkers, and statesmen of tomorrow. The learning and opportunities we provide will be the foundation for fruitful futures for all of our students.


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