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​​​​​​​​​State of the Division 2019:​
A Work in Progress


The annual State of the Division report for Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) serves to provide information to the School Board and school community about the school division’s successes and challenges from the previous school year. The purpose of transparently sharing this information is threefold. First, the school division uses the State of the Division report as an accountability mechanism. We seek to identify our weaknesses, address root causes, and track future progress in meeting targets. Second, the content of the State of the Division report becomes the rationale for the decisions we make, whether we are evaluating an instructional method, shaping a systemic practice, or considering budget priorities. Third, the division shares the State of the Division report with our stakeholders, including our students and their families, our employees, and our community members, as another opportunity for engagement. The division recognizes stakeholder feedback as an essential component of the continuous improvement process. We encourage community members to contribute to our ongoing efforts to learn, adapt and grow through participation in school board meetings, community meetings, and online surveys.

We’ve titled the State of the Division 2019 report, “A Work in Progress.” The phrase holds dual meaning, in that the core of our work as a public school system is about generating progress, and as a community of learners, we regard ourselves and our school division as unfinished works in progress. We fuel this perspective with a determined belief that improvement is always possible. This year’s report highlights growth worth celebrating, but it also reveals deficiencies. We embrace both. With every failure comes a focused effort on discovery and improvement, while each achievement inspires a more ambitious target.

We present the State of the Division 2019 report in alignment with our Horizons 2020 Strategic Plan​, including the mission, vision, core values, student-centered goal, objectives, ​and strategic priorities of Albemarle County Public Schools, and in accordance with School Board Policy AF, Commitment to Accomplishment. In concept, the State of the Division 2019 report serves as the basis for the initial 2020-21 funding request​, as the improvements and challenges of the division should advance the School Board’s portfolio of investments for the coming fiscal year. The report itself is a work in progress that the division plans to review and update at least semi-annually in response to feedback and questions we receive from members of the School Board and the school community at large.​​

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