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Service Learning

Service Learning & Community Service

All students are expected to complete service opportunities during their high school years.

Service Learning

Service learning, in grades eight and twelve, is an instructional method that engages learners in community service to enhance the curriculum and make learning come alive. Research suggests that quality service learning improves student learning, increases family-school partnerships, engages the community, and strengthens the character of future citizens. Service learning integrates service directly to instruction while meeting actual community needs. A problem solving process is used to identify a community need or problem, research the problem, formulate possible solutions, choose one solution to engage with, and generate additional problems arising from the student's solution. “Community need” is defined as local, state/national, and global. In accordance with the Albemarle County Public School Lifelong-Learner Standards, students are expected to plan and conduct research, and analyze data; evaluate processes and products; and draw conclusions.

Community Service

Community service connects service to the community. These are opportunities in which students provide assistance to a community/agency usually on a one-time basis. Community service activities are volunteer projects that benefit the community. These activities are not tied to a specific curriculum. In accordance with the Albemarle County Public School Lifelong-Learner Standards, this focus encourages students to use multiple forums to respect and understand diversity and culture, make sense of the world, and express ideas and opinions.​

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