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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Time & Attendance​​

​​​​​Welcome to KRONOS - A Message from Superintendent Dr. Matt Haas

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​Visit the Documentation Center​ for more det​ailed information about what you've learned in your training and Standard Operati​ng Procedures.

Implementation Timeline

Phase I - October 19

Implementation for Broadus Wood Elementary School, Building Services, Department of Technology, Fiscal Services, Superintendent's Office and selected central office departments, and Sutherland middle School.

Phase II - November 16​

Implementation for all other ACPS schools and departments.

Phase III - February

Payroll integration​ for Base pay for all regular full-and-part-time employees from March 1-31 will pull from Kronos, as well as pay exceptions from February 8 - March 6.​

Online Training ​Modules​​

Exempt Employe​es​

Non-Exempt Employees

Exempt Empl​oyees (Teachers)​​​

Additional Training Materials for Supervisors & Timekeepers​

Supervisor Training (Process A) 10/1/19

Supervisor Training (Process B) 10/1/10

Video from Supervisor Training​ on 10/1/19

Timekeeper Training 9/16/19

Timekeeper Training​ 9/30/19

Video from Timekeeper Training​ on 9/16/19​

Timekeepe​r Training​ 10/14/19

​​Production Website (full-client webpage)​

As a reminder, you'll be using your regular ACPS email login and password.  You must use Google Chrome when accessing the system via a desktop/laptop.​

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