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Mar 18
Our (MTSS) Mid-Year Review

This year (2018-2019) has been solidly focused on implementing EdInsight across the Division. From the dashboard for data review, to creating groups to ultimately creating and submitting plans and collecting progress monitoring data. Our goal is to accurately monitor our intervention efforts at all levels within Albemarle County Schools. 

As your schools are reviewing mid-year data, and principals are doing the same with the superintendent, I thought it an appropriate time to at least give you a status of our implementation. Below is a graphic display of school​ implementation of RTI Plans at the school level. The intent is to allow us to analyze the data, highlight where we are and what we need to fill in any gaps between now and the end of the year. Finally, it is the hope that this and end of the year data will propel us forward as we begin to plan next steps for the 2019-2020 school year. 

The data presented here reflects data in the system on 1/19/2019.



DATA TABLE (of above graphic)


There is no assumed "wrong" or "right" with regard to this data. Instead, you are encouraged to think of this as purely "data" that requires the data story to bring it to life. So... what is your data story? What's the next chapter? Where do you want to go?

Should you have any questions, comments or request for support please do not hesitate to contact Mohamad Khalifa at, or call him at (434) ​​972-4034 (Extension 13120​)

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Feb 28
EdInsight Support Available!

​The launch of EdInsight (the electronic management system to assist in supporting a Multi Tiered System of Supports and Response to Intervention) has been a very exciting one! 

Staff across the division have been utilizing the dashboard and experiencing the interactivity of data, creating groups, "tiering", creating plans for groups and individuals, and entering data for progress monitoring. Efforts continue with regard to assisting teams to createIMG_0037R.jpg groups, develop plans and communicate with parents and teams within the schools. Our year continues with regularly scheudled live and on-live supports as well.

We are continuing to bolster up the Help Page​ with documents, videos and checklists to support SBIT, psychologists, interventionsists and families to navigate EdInsight and the MTSS / RTI process. It's not done just yet as additions are routinely added as they are devleoped and refiend throughout the year. 

Mohamad Khalifa, Enterprise Application Specialist with LEAD is available to support all of us. He can be reached at, or call him at (434) ​​972-4034 (Extension 13120).​

We are very much looking forward to working together throughout this year on MTSS and RTI!   

Nov 19
Ok... I've created plans. How do I end one?


SBIT in the field are asking about the process to end a plan. Let's define exactly what is being asked here before I provide specific guidance. 

  • Ending a Plan: The plan, for whatever reason, is to be archived, and the services associated with the plan, cease. The plan remains in the student history of interventions. 

  • Deleting a Plan: This is the same as "terminating" a plan. The plan was created in error and once deleted, it is erased from the databased. It would be removed form the system as if it never existed. The plan would not appear in the student's electronic history of interventions​ in EdInsight.

This blog post will focus squarely on ENDING A PLAN. 

Here is the step by step guide to accomplish this task. A printable checklist is posted at the bottom of this post as well as on the MTSS Help Page.​  


  1. ​In order to end an intervention you will need to hold a meeting.
  2. Sign into EdInsight.
  3. Go to your 'Home' tab and 'Search Student'.
  4. Once you find the student you are looking for, click on the Student ID.  
  5. Click on the RTI/MTSS tab
  6. Click on Meeting Notes

  7. Click on the 'Hold a Meeting' button.

  8. Select the Meeting Type “Team Review Meeting"
  9. Click the “Generate Meeting Form" Button. 

  10. Fill out the Meeting Form.
  11. Choose the appropriate response from the drop down menu in the “Students Response to Intervention" and “Team Decision" fields.  
  12. To end the RTI Plan, choose a “Discontinue" option on the “Team Decision" dropdown.

  13. Click “Save and Submit" to finalize your decision.
  14. Print out any resulting documentation.
  15. Send a copy of the paperwork to the parent.
  16. Place the original in the student's educational record.
  17. Communicate with appropriate staff the decision.



Nov 19
Where'd My Notes Go?! ... the Issue with "Timing Out"

​There have been a few calls of frustration from EdInsight Users about pages "disappearing" or text not saving, primarily in Meeting Notes. This brief blog post will explain why and offer a suggestion. 


The engineers behind EdInsight have confirmed that security settings are set to shut down the system after 30 minutes of "inactivity" in the management system. This is a standard setting and is present on all other systems in use in the division including (but not limited to) PowerSchool, EdPlan and now EdInsight.

Now "inactivity" is a harsh word, especially for staff who have been keeping notes in the text field in a SBIT meeting. "Inactivity" in the electronic / database sense of the word is the time between "actions" conducted in an application. Actions are system interactions like moving form one page to another, saving a document or data entry, or clicking any buttons or links. So, typing text into a text field, in this case meeting minutes, is not a system "action" and will result in you being locked out, kicked off or data not being saved after 30 minutes.


The easiest and most successful way to deal with this issue is to train yourself. Special Education, in particular has dealt with this issue for years as teachers worked on the Present Level of Performance section, in particular, in the IEP management system, EDplan. They have trained themselves to, every 15-25 minutes or so, click the "save" button on the​ page they are working. 

In the Meeting Notes, I would suggest replicating this successful process by clicking the "Save and Continue" button below the meeting notes in order to create a reset to the security timer for another 30 minutes. clicking this button will keep you in the same window, but you will have to do a quick scroll down to get back to your window. 

You will notice the action was successful as EdInsight will tell you! Just above the "Save and Continue" button you press, the comment that the "Form has been saved successfully!" will appear.  


Jul 24
EdInsight has been Launched!


The new MTSS/RTI management system called EdInsight​, designed by the firm, OnHand, is built to provide data to staff to promote action planning to support staff and students in our schools. For the past 6 months staff at Albemarle's LEAD and Special Education Department have collaborated to customize and tailor EdInsight for release to all schools this Fall. 

Rudy Spaulding and Kevin Kirst provided a sneak peek into the system for interested staff during the July professional development opportunities. Each of the two sessions enabled staff to explore the EdInsight dashboard that included widgets that contained graphical displays of behavioral, attendance, and achievement data. The group then looked into interacting with the data through tiering interventions to meet student needs, creating groups, and creating intervention plans. 

Be on the lookout for professional development opportunities through the Albemarle Resource Center as well as postings on this site as Rudy and Kevin are planning on visiting schools all across our division!  



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