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Physical Education 1 and 2

Virtual Physical Education

The course is available to all ACPS students.  Please see your school counselor for course registration information.​​

Course Syllabus

Virtual PE Notes

  • Virtual PE during the School Year is a 9 Week Course
    Virtual PE during the Summer is a 6 Week Course
  • Students will receive 0.5 credit for either PE I or II.
  • Summer School Students will only have to pay for 0.5 credit –not for a full credit.
  • There is no cost to take the course during the school year.
  • Students and Parents must attend the opening session together.  This session goes over the course structures, issuing of a Fitbit, forms, and preliminary fitness testing.

What to Expect

Interested in the course, but not sure what to expect? Check out this part of the course orientation. It will help you work through the time commitments and expectations of the course.

Got Questions?

We've got answers.

Q: When do I work on the course?
A: Virtual PE will happen outside of school hours. School equipment and facilities are not available during the school day.
Q: Will I ever meet my teacher?
A: Yes! In virtual physical education there are two mandatory meetings (start and end of the course). Dates will be published well in advance. The first meeting involves going over course logistics, distributing heart rate sensors, and initial fitness testing. The final meeting will involve final fitness testings and returning equipment.
Q: Where does this fit in my schedule?
A: This is an easy one.  This course lives outside the bell schedule.  It does not take up a spot in your daily schedule.  You can continue to take a full load of courses.
Q: Can I take this over the summer while at home?
A: Absolutely!  Standard summer school fees as well as start and end dates will apply.
Q: What if I don't want to take PE Online?
A: We've got you covered.  All high schools will have face to face sections available for students to complete the course.

Students register for this course during the regular course registration window for the school year.  Please contact your school counselor with any additional questions.​​​​​

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