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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time does Enterprise Center begin?

    First bell rings at 9:05 a.m. As students arrive, they report to the Center for Learning and Growth entrance to complete the required daily check in procedure.  Students and staff gather each morning for a school wide morning meeting.

  2. What if I must bring my child late to school or pick him up early?

    If a student arrives later than 9:27 or leaves prior to the end of school, he or she must have a parent or accompanying adult sign him or her in or out. This year the sign in/check out book is located in our office. You will be asked to sign, date and provide a reason for late entrance or an early exit.

  3. What curriculum does the Center for Learning and Growth use?

    Center for Learning and Growth students use a variety of platforms to either earn new academic credit or recover credits.  A number of online curriculum options are available to students a well as direct teacher lead classroom instruction.  Students also have the option to access vocational programs through CATEC in certain circumstances.

  4. Is there a dress code?

    Like all schools, we expect students to arrive in apparel that will not cause distractions in the classroom.  If clothing causes an issue or raises concerns from a teacher or another student, a parent may be called and asked to bring a change of clothes.
  5. Do all students participate in non academic programming?

    Yes, at the Center for Learning and Growth we offer students numerous opportunities to participate in activities that are designed to help students develop valuable life skills including responsibility, patience, self-respect, and responsibility.  Activities include Art Therapy, Triple "C" Camp activities, conflict resolution and communication classes and Therapeutic Day Treatment.

  6. What about lunch?

    Center for Learning and Growth students have full access to the school divisions school lunch program.  Students can obtain a lunch daily through the school nutrition program at Jack Jouett Middle School or a student may bring a packed lunch.  there are microwaves available if a student brings a packed lunch and something requires heating.

  7. Medicine?

    Any medicine, including over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, can only be administered if a parent has signed a release and the medicine is in its original bottle and is provided by the student's parent.  These medicines remain locked in the Center for Learning and Growth medication locker at all times.

  8. Is transportation provided for the Center for Learning and Growth?

    Yes, transportation is provided for all Center for Learning and Growth students.

  9. How long does a student attend C4LG?

    Student assignments to the Center for Learning and Growth are determined based on a case-by-cases basis.  In every instance, a student and his or her parent/guardian will be advised of the length of assignment when the student is assigned to the program.  In most instances, students spend one to two semesters in the Center for Learning and Growth.

  10. Is the Center for Learning and Growth a school?

    No.  It is a program and is intended to be a temporary placement.  Students remain enrolled at their base schools throughout their assignment to the Center for Learning and Growth.  In some situations, a student completing his or her graduation requirements while at C4LG may opt to walk with his or her base school's graduation ceremony.

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